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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AOL Blogs are Closing

Jesus, help me to simplify my life by learning what you want me to be – and becoming that person. - Saint Therese of Lisieux (1873-1897)


So, I am guessing that this one and The Hive will be the only writing outlets I will have on the internet. That's fine. I am getting to the point, with The Hive, that I only want to post something on there once in awhile. The fascists have taken over the place and quite frankly it never matters what political idealogy one holds to, if the person is a fascist about it, it stinks.

Bill Maher has this new movie out where he contends that 'no one has ever confronted these people with questions about their religion before' and I always want to ask people like him, "What planet are you living on?". I get confronted with questions about my religion all the flippin' time, usually in a very hostile manner or (at the least) with such condensation that I just want to become a hermit.

He asked this dopey question: If God is all powerful why doesn't He talk to us directly instead of going through prophets?

This man must not be a very astute observer of human nature. He also does not seem to have a concept of pure power.

First of all, God did once speak directly to His creatures. Before the Fall, our first parents (being fully human) had the kind of relationship with Him that allowed for direct and simple communication. It was their choice, with all that they had, to believe the great lie, to put their own pride and self-love ahead of their obedience to God and so that connection was broken.

Later, God DID put Himself into a form that would allow direct communication - Jesus Christ.

Anyway, I get tired of pseudo philosophers like Bill Maher calling me and my kind stupid when, if you mention someone like GK Chesterton they look at you like the RCA Victor Dog.


E has been very sick the past few days. I am pulling an all nighter for my shift and staying over an extra two hours to get stuff done on her shift. I cannot, however, answer her telephone. She would flip. That's ok. I will get very little sleep tomorrow and by Thursday I will more than likely be sick myself. Oh well.

I think if I felt that my boss was at all appreciative of the length of my commute and the sacrifice I make when stuff like this happens I would not be so depressed tonight. However, I know her attitude is 'no one forced you to move to Modesto'. I know that....I know I am the screw up that blew my life and ended up having to live here because I have no where else to go. That is not the point. Just say, 'Thank you" once in awhile.

St Therese is right...I need help to be what God wants me to be....and boy do I need it tonight.

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