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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Angels we have heard on HIGH

Oh, man - it's working. I don't mean it is kind of working. I don't mean it is working just for me.

It is working.

St. Michael the Archangel has been cleaning up the place - and that includes some necessary clean up on my attitude - and the week is two days old and I don't want to run screaming down the Main Street of Martinez yelling, "I hate the Public Records Act and all it implies!" at the top of my lungs.

I am not going to stop, however, because I think a twice-daily clean up of this office is necessary. We have a lot of good but troubled people working here.

Speaking of troubled people, there is a man blogging under several different names over at The Hive...and he is an alcoholic that is drinking again. After one year of sobriety he fell off the wagon - he admits to a three-day drinking spree but if his ramblings, self-pity, anger and incoherent writings are any indication the guy is drunk more than he is sober. What is really sad is he regularly attacks his daughter - and she responds. She doesn't need to, but I understand. The need for justice can be so overwhelming at times that it can overpower good sense.

I have told her not to bother - she is trying to reason with a chemical - but I don't think she's going to listen for awhile. Afterall, it's her Daddy going after her with both barrels. I remember that happening to me. The first man in your life - the one who sets the standards for all the guys who come later - determined to bring you down and do it in public.

How humiliating. How hurtful. How unfair.

How sad.

Lee Anne and Mel celebrated 22 years of marriage on 4-27....I celebrated the remembrance of my wedding day on 4-25....geeesh....we are definitely sisters from different mothers...

Wait until she meets Kristin......

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Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

We gonna meet Kristen??? Yippeee!
Cajun Sissy