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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Paranormal, Grace and WHAT'S A HYBRID?

Extreme Paranormal and FUN FUN FUN

I am still at it...yup, as of this morning there is 26 pounds less of me waddling around than there was on January 7 when I started this journey. Today my new pair of jeans came in the mail from Talbots and I thought, "Uh oh...I didn't get the stretchy kind...these will have to go back" but then I put them on and VOILA! Not only do they button without cutting me in half they are a bit too long....something that happens to my pants when there is less of a behind to cram into the confines of denim and thread....yippie for me.

This is a really interesting weekend. I am doing research for the new car purchase and I am pretty sure it will be a Toyota comes the question of do I get a new one (well, ok, one dated this year) or a used one and buy an extra warranty? My shopping so far has me leaning to a new one...because it comes with warranty galore that only makes it about a thousand dollars more than the used one with the extra, purchased warranty.

Now my head hurts....wait right there while I grab a tylenol.

This is when I wish I could be a 'girl' and turn to a husband, smile sweetly and say, "Oh golly, honey...just make sure it's a pretty color". Not because I am not capable. Nope, that's not it at all.

It's because I am basically lazy and would rather never have to worry about paying a bill, qualifying for a loan, going to work, housecleaning, shopping....let's face it, deep down inside I am an heiress without a old Paris Hilton without a publicist and absolutely no real funds.....but, I have something Paris Hilton does not have - I have a 'sister' named Giselle who emailed me about letting me use her old car for awhile and I have a f'sister' named Lee Anne who knows how to car research with a vengence and LEAPED at the chance to find out information for me.....

Well, this is part of being a grown up. Facing my character defects and acknowledging that I do things because they are right and not because it is fullfilling or fun. In fact, the satisfaction (for me) comes from knowing that deep down I am a lazy bum with a penchant for chocolate and potato chips (with French Onion dip), old movies on the TV, a big bottle of single malt scotch and a daily massage...but I act like a reasonable, responsible grown up woman every day. How do I do it?


The grace of a loving God makes it possible for me to heave my lazy butt out of bed in the semi-afternoon and drive two hours to work. It makes it possible for me to go to Mass twice a week, pay my bills, talk to my sponsees, teach on Monday nights, go over homework and college papers and attend parent/teacher conferences when the parent part cannot show up. It allows my animals to be fed everyday and the lights to stay on in my home.


The grace of a loving God probably keeps more people alive than they will ever know. I deal with people who hurt me or simply bug the living daylights out of me with as much kindness as I can muster....and of myself and by myself I am NOT a very nice person. In fact, it is probably a really good idea that I am in the area of law enforcement that does not require me to be armed. In this respect I agree with Clancy I - he does not think alcoholics should own guns, sober or not, because we can be, uh unstable at best and down right WACKY at our worst....without ever ingesting alcohol or drugs.


The grace of a loving God allows me, on day 25 of the Lenten Season, to smile at my own foibles (I love that word), laugh at myself first before laughing at anyone else and allows me to seem like such a nice one person described me yesterday, "You are like the Jackie O of the office, so calm and classy".

HUH? Who is she talking about?

Ok, now about this paranormal brother has a new hobby.....I need you all to pray for him tonight....this could be more than he is bargaining for and he is unaware that I slipped a blessed Miraculous Medal into his car and one into B's truck. I was not sure which one they were taking so.....

I am going to direct people to an his website: These people are going on their first "case' tonight....please keep them in your prayers. He is very interested because of those Ghost Hunter shows on tv....but because he is a fallen away Catholic he is in more danger than he realizes from evil we need an army of prayer warriors on his side......please, at least one Hail, Mary for him tonight...that God turn his heart back to Truth and that He direct his mother to care for the big dummy all through the night.

Who, may I ask, is the Patron Saints for Big Dumb Brothers?

1 comment:

Esther said...

I will say a prayer for your brother, and I hope he finds his ghost hunting adventures B-O-R-I-N-G!

I love what you say about grace, and please tell your office mate that her description of you as the "Jackie O of the office" is really cool!

Love, Esther :)