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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't Mess with the MEEK

The Meek shall inherit WHAT?????

To you, O Lord, I make my prayer for mercy.

Oh man what a day yesterday.

You know, last year at Franciscan University I attended a lecture by one of those incredible theologians - I think it was Msgr Swetland but don't quote me - where a lesson was given on the proper interpretation of the beatitudes. I was taught that the term 'the meek' has been wrongly supposed to mean that only those who humbly keep their mouths shut in the face of injustice or abuse shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. Thus, people throughout the ages have been able to justify things like slavery, child abuse, spousal abuse and abuse of employees in the workplace (my personal favorite).

If you spoke up or defended yourself you might be guided, by a well meaning priest, or religious, to try and humbly accept whatever abuse being thrown at you and to try and view it as important and necessary to your spiritual development (it can help you become a saint) - that doing so unites your suffering with His on the Cross. In other words, shut up, take it and for God's saks would you please quit WHINING?????

Ok - I guess that is easier for some people, which would explain why most Irish Saints were born in other countries and came there as missionaries.

Rather, this theologian suggested, being meek means knowing WHEN to get angry and when it is appropriate to stand up, look someone right in the eye and say "Knock it off or else". Much like Jesus promising to come with a sword, or throwing the merchants out of the temple, getting angry when it is appropriate to get angry is not a sign of pomposity - it is standing up in the face of injustice and saying "NO".

I guess it is a play on the idea developed in WWII "Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition".

Well, I blew it yesterday at work in that I lost my temper with E in front of the staff. I should not have done that and I will apologize to her for that - however, what I said to her and later to V needed to be said. I made it very clear to V that if the type of management style she wants is for me to be sarcastic, caustic, verbally abusive or otherwise treat subordinates as though they are mentally retarded I will not do so and she needs to find someone else for this position - I will start looking for another job. She looked shocked and backpeddled - 'Oh no, Leslie, we LOVE you but I just cannot have that kind of behavior in front of the staff....and yes, you are right, I will talk to E also".

V seemed to focus on the veracity of information coming from E and not the manner in which it is delivered. I refocused her attention, and let her know that she is not getting 'an attitude' from me, I am absolutely puzzled as to how to solve this problem. I also told her that if what the Sheriff Dept wants is to pay me supervisor wages and have me be E's lead clerk, then fine. I can do that - but do NOT tell me I am a part of the management team and then allow a peer to speak to me as though I am mentally retarded.

She claimed that two people saw it differently - that I overreacted and snapped at E. I told her I would accept that; however, she needs to know that one of those people have come to me a few times regarding E's chosen method of communication to tell me she thinks E is bi-polar. I don't care if she is bi-polar, tri-polar or a polar bear - I will no longer allow her to talk to me as though I am a problem. I am not a problem. If I am incorrect on that and V thinks I am a problem, then I will find another place to work.

She paled.

I gave her the example of E telling So and I that restraining orders do not have to be entered into CLETS within 24 hours and telling us in such a way as to convey that WE were the idiots for thinking it had to be done that way. She then had the NERVE to ask So who told her it had to be done in 24 hours and So looked at her and said, "YOU ".
Well, it turns out that V just got that information herself, that NO one knew it and that DOJ had been telling everyone it was a 24hr deadline for YEARS without any basis in the Penal Code for back up.


Anyway, I will put on a happy face and just let it all go....I have had a rough week with the accident, the physical pain I am still in, the fear of economic insecurity creeping in and the need for a day at a spa. Yes, I admit it...I need the Sacraments AND a facial.....and a massage......and a pedicure......and a cup of green tea in front of a roaring fire with a Bette Davis movie on the screen.

Lord, love me in spite of myself. Lord, guide me even when I think I know the way. Lord, heal me when I think I am well. Lord, I belong to You.

BTW - I have now lost 24 and 1/2 pounds.

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