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Friday, March 28, 2008

Hit the 31 pound mark today

Today I hit the 31 pound loss mark. I have been on NutriSystems since 1-7-08. I now weigh less than Ryan. Thank GOD.

This has been an interesting journey, one in which I confront my emotional eating habit over and over again. Life has been very stressful - and not good stress either - but I think not being willing to grab a huge bag of chips and dip and sit in bed watching tv has made me even more aware of how much I have depended upon food to get me through the night.

Anyway, all my clothes are getting floppy and wavy and I need new underwear. I have a pretty wild weekend coming up so I will have to wait before I can do any real shopping. This is the good part, and the scary part...I do not want to be in a position of having clothes that do not fit but I want to be this size for awhile before I go spending money.

Life is is is crazy....and so am I. YIPPEEE......

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