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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again!

Well, it is good to be back at work. I am sore and tender still and plan on having a follow-up appointment with my doctor but I made it in at 2pm and will be here until midnight tonight. The regular restraining order clerk is back and every single thing I did the last time I was here is correct. Yay for me.

E and V were both very gracious and kind and I made sure to let E know how much her hard work over the past 4 days was appreciated. Well, it is! That woman did a lot when I was in the car accident and it needs to be acknowledged.

I will continue to be grateful for all that has happened to me in my life - the good and the bad. Without it, I cannot claim to be the woman I am today. It is important, always, to know that the light of Truth is what guides me down this path I am on and how fabulous it is to have that knowledge be the foundation of all I do.

I also have to speak to the fears that have been living side by side with my Faith - and how grateful I am that my fear about coming back to work was unfounded. I know I need to trust that these people will not be so mean as they have been in the past. I like to think that what I shared with E about sarcasm made a difference...because it has been since that trip that she has made an incredible effort to be kinder, softer and more inclusive in terms of sharing the power in the office.

Part of that, too, is that I decided to relinquish any claims I had to that power - I just stopped caring about being a supervisor in name only. If they wanted to pay me for doing lead clerk work - great.

St. Therese has sent me roses galore in the past few days - mostly in the form of the kind thoughts, wishes and prayers of friends and fellow travellers. It is obvious to me that I am blessed, even when I am afraid, because no one could have come this far without help from Him.

So, I have one more hour here before I leave. I will get home early, really, before 3am and be able to get some good sleep before tomorrow begins. May the Lord continue to bless all of you with grace and love....

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