Friday, October 12, 2018

Having a very tough time for no reason at all

When a person feels overwhelmed with emotions it would behoove them to step back and breathe, take a minute, collect themselves, and try to understand what is going on before opening their mouth or putting fingers to keyboard.

OR you can just take a day to over eat, fill your body with processed sugar and dairy products, watch really bad tv and then regroup later on.

A Catholic is given opportunities to turn suffering to good use.  We are urged to unite our suffering with the suffering of Christ, to fill up what is lacking in Christ's suffering for the sake of the Body of Christ - His Church (Colossians 1:24).  This teaching of Redemptive Suffering really does help when one is having a bad day or facing a trial of health or financial problems.   It allows me to put my wanting to sit in the corner, eat M&M's and cry while watching Hallmark Movies in perspective.  Life is, truly, pretty darn good for me.  I have a lovely place to live.  My health is pretty stable, I can pay all my bills every month and I can occasionally help another person.  All in all I have an easy life.  I am not recovering from cancer, rebuilding after a hurricane or scrounging for water and bread in a refugee camp.  My size 8 jeans still fit.  I am sober.  I have a dog that is so happy to see me when I get home that he squeaks.  My car runs properly and I found the antique egg cups that were a staple of my childhood in a box in my garage last night while looking for Halloween decorations.

Sure, the Niners could be having a better season and suddenly I have to root for the Brewers (Me and My Household? #BeatLA) but really, life is just fine.

The gratitude list is real.  It is not a struggle.  I can come up with all the fantastic things I have going for me in a minute and that means that, despite the emotional upheaval I am experiencing, I know I am ok.  It means that 'this too shall pass' is a promise I can count on when times are tough, especially when times are tough for absolutely no discernable reason.

Having a tough day is nothing to be ashamed of; rather, it is something to experience, to endure at a certain level and there is nothing wrong with acknowledging out loud that one is feeling not quite up to par.  Letting others know is not a sign of weakness.  I think letting others know is giving them a gift because it makes a service opportunity available to those willing to spot it.  Being able to take a moment and say to someone, "Hang in there, buddy, you got this" might be your opportunity to save a life at most and brighten a day at the least.  Take the opportunity.

I am feeling a little blue this week.  It is to be expected.  Grief is real.  Missing someone is real.  Anger at injustices in the world is real.  What does not have to be real is wallowing and for this Catholic Girl, pulling oneself out of the Bog o'Sorrow means opening up and sharing it, damn the consequences.  If she keeps it bottled up inside an explosion will happen and I don't want to explode.  I want to just breathe, experience, endure and be okay with emotions. I want to remind myself that emotions are not something to fear.


Today I will feel, I will breathe, I will relax and I will take comfort in knowing that all is well in my world.  The lousy football season won't last.  The Brewers got this and one day of bad eating will not derail me for long.  I will be okay today, tomorrow and the next day.

So will you.

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So true in what you say