Thursday, July 5, 2018

Here Comes The Kingdom!

RCIA is taking a bit of a break right now as the Catechists refresh themselves and the staff heads to Franciscan University to attend The St John Bosco Conference.  There we will immerse ourselves in theology, philosophy and Catechetical Studies in order to be able to come back to our parish and share the tremendous Faith that is The Catholic Church.

One of the first topics I will be addressing with the Catechumenate in August is The Kingdom of God.  I love this topic.  It is one I have shared with people in the past.  Every time I do I find myself lost again in the wonder that is The Church.  

Knowing that God the Father has always willed for us to share in His Divine Life gives me a comfort.  I am not doing the Church thing to be fashionable or to be politically correct.  I am doing this stuff because it is His Will.  If I am, as a recovering member of my 12 Step fellowship, turning MY will over to Him and trying, one day at a time, to do only HIS Will then by trying every day to follow the precepts of Holy Mother Church I am on the right track.

We Catholics believe that the sin of Adam darkens our intellect, weakens our will and leads us to disorder in our desires.  We are beautiful creatures damaged by our first father's inability to trust in God.  That wound, what we call Original Sin, does not make us depraved. It makes us DEPRIVED.  The Sacrament of Baptism heals that wound, though the effect of that wound is what we struggle with each day for the rest of our earthly life.

I believe in the Sacramental and Liturgical life of Holy Mother Church because I believe that She was born in the Blood and Water that flowed from the side of Jesus.  I believe He chose 12 Apostles and gave them authority.  I believe He gave Peter primacy.  I believe He established a New Covenant at The Last Supper. I believe He sent The Holy Spirit to teach, guide and instruct that first college of cardinals just as The Holy Spirit does so today.  Most importantly, I believe that ALL those who seek and do the Will of The Father, through Jesus can share in the Kingdom.

Inevitably people ask me if I then believe that no one in authority in The Church can make a mistake.  Uh, no...the members of the Church are sinners and will fall short.  At times Church leaders, laity and ordained, will fall grievously short of their duties as Christians.  What I also know, however, is that The Church will be a sign of contradiction for the world and thus be subject to hatred, persecution and great trials.  

The question I have for myself is this: what am I doing to make Holy Mother Church strong?  Am I poking and prodding, looking for problems?  Am I correcting myself?  Am I participating in the Life offered me to the best of my ability or am I letting someone else do it?  How's my prayer life?  

Every day I am walking the path.  My job is to make sure I am walking in the right direction.  If I am overly concerned with pleasing the world then I can guarantee you I will be taking backward steps rather than marching forward.

As a Catechist it is important for me to walk the talk.  If I don't the results can be dire.  I want to enter into the Kingdom today.  At the end of my life, I want to hear the words, "Well done, Girl....welcome home".  I want Him to recognize me.

I look forward to my time at Franciscan.  This Dominican kid cannot wait to learn some more!

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