Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Elections and The Catholic Girl looks like the run off for governor of the state of California will be between Cox and Newsom.

Not a great choice for the thinking Catholic.

I am, of course, Pro-Life and so you would think the choice would be a simple one.  A vote for Newsome is a vote for the upholding a the lie permeating our culture for the past 40 plus years - a choice to end the life of an unborn child means FREEDOM for women. 

Unfortunately, being a pro-life Catholic means more than simply being anti-abortion.  

Being pro-life means one upholds the Catholic Teaching of the Dignity of the Human person.  It means respecting natural law and fighting for that dignity from conception to natural death.  It means looking at the needs of the person in a holistic manner - protecting the most vulnerable (the unborn, the sick, the elderly, the ones deemed the 'wrong whatever' by society) and it means promoting a societal lifestyle that supports those born and walking about now.  That means food, clothing, housing and education.  It means giving people access to basic health care and giving them a chance to earn a living with dignity. 

Abortion is ugly.  I know.  I have survived the ravages of that culture and I have held the hands of other women deeply wounded by the lie told to us that somehow our lives would be better if we had the legal option to end our pregnancies.  Women were not the only victims.  I have listened to men my age share what it is like to see someone in their 40's and wonder what their own child would have looked like - would they be a woman or a man?  Would they have grandchildren of their own by now?   The 50 to 60 million American children killed over the past decades are mourned.

I cannot vote for someone who calls Legal Abortion a 'reproductive right' - it is not, that is a lie - so I cannot vote for Mr. Newsom.

However, I have got to find out what Mr. Cox is planning to do with the rest of the issue being pro-life means.

What are his plans for education?  housing?  health care?  gun safety (not necessarily more laws - how about funding law enforcement so the EXISTING laws can be implemented?)?  What about the kids here illegally because their parents brought them here - can we come up with a reasonable and mutually beneficial path for citizenship? 

What about religious freedom?  Do we HAVE to let the government license marriages or can we get that word out of the civil code so that the sanctioning of a Sacrament goes back to the religious groups as it should in the first place? 

And let's talk about that bullet train debacle...and the gas tax.....and why some unions have so much power and what is the answer to the pension crisis we are headed to here in California?

Hey - what are you going to do about WATER?

All of these issues - all of which seem to be a mishmash and vaguely related - stem from the Dignity of the Human Person.  If I cannot get the answers from Mr. Cox that make me nod in agreement, he cannot expect my vote either...and I will write in Desmond, from the American Solidarity Party as my candidate.

Not all Catholics feel this way - trust me, I will get lots of flack from the Traditionalists and the Progressive Rite Catholics because I cannot say 'yay' or 'nay' to either of these mainstream candidates.  That's fine.  They can hate me, they can laugh at me and they can shake their heads at me. 

I don't care.

I care about standing in front of Him and saying, "I tried...I tried my best".

Golly....I hate politics.

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