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Thursday, June 1, 2017


Okay Okay Okay - don't tell Robbie the Rescue Scottie but I am so ready to get a new Scottie puppy.

I have always wanted to have two Scotties.  I have never been in the position to own two at once but now that my life is settling into a wonderful routine - and my new five minute commute to work helps with that - I am reviving the dream.

Two little Scottie faces - maybe one could be a Wheaton! - at the top of the stairs when I get home every night.

Two little Scottie faces sitting next to us at the dinner table wondering if we really need to finish ALL that stuff on our plate and shouldn't we be willing to share?

Two Scotties to patrol the backyard and torment the neighborhood cat who is not allowed, ever, to get down from the top of the fence. 

SO - let's start the praying for God to bring the perfect little Scottie into my life...I have room to spare.....

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