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Thursday, May 4, 2017

What I have learned in 25 years

I woke up this morning after having a very strange dream.  I dreamt I was at a hotel bar, where I was supposed to meet Warren Sapp.  He turned out to be the bartender.  However, he looked like Michael Keaton wearing an Afro.

Then I woke up.

Today is my sobriety birthday.  I am 25 years sober today.  I have been trying to make a list of all the stuff I have learned in sobriety and I have come up with a partial list.

I have learned:

The only people who know everything in my 12 step program have less than 10 years of sobriety
If you point out to a newcomer that they felt really good 5 days ago so the fact that they feel like crap right now just means that This Too Shall Pass, you might get smacked

Being of Service has a definition that was given to me by every sponsor I have ever had - but not everyone has that same definition

Some people only need to go to meetings to stay sober

the name of the organization I belong to is NOT Well Adjusted and Moral People Anonymous

It is tough being an old-timer because sometimes you don't have anyone to talk to, which is why I have a sponsor

the way I feel is not always reality, but it is always important to address those feelings in a constructive manner

being smart has nothing to do with being sober

everyone with 2 years of sobriety wants to write a book and sell it

not everyone belongs in a 12 step program

people in a 12 step program ALWAYS want to change it

Being sober is a gift - a gift I must be willing to guard and defend and in order to keep it?

I have to give it away.

Sober / Catholic / Loving it  #25yearsandcounting

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Faye Le Jeune said...

I'm so proud to know you. Everyone struggles, some more than most. You, my friend, have struggled more than most. What an awesome example you are to all of those trying to make it through another day. I will forever be blessed having know even a small part of who you were, who you are, and who you are becoming. I thank and praise God daily for you. All my love, Faye