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Friday, July 29, 2016

And Now the FUN Begins

You have no idea how grateful I will be when the elections are over in November.

It is not just the incredible vitriol and ridiculous behavior of grown men and women in their support for their particular candidate that is annoying, it is the fact that so much of it is played out on social media platforms like Facebook that is driving every thinking, feeling and (dare I say it) normal human being up the flipping wall.

I have read usually quite reasonable people declare that the opposite side supporters are imbeciles supporting Satan's child.  I have watched men who would no sooner cuss out a lady on the street attack a woman who disagrees with them by calling her foul names, doing so from the safety of their living rooms by using Twitter.  One person I know spends several hours online posting Facebook Meme after Facebook Meme in support of their candidate.  Good Lord, I think (as their posts blow up my feed), have you NOTHING else to do?  Are there no homeless shelters you can volunteer at, children that need to be read to at your local library or dogs you can walk for your elderly neighbor?  Have you at least taken a SHOWER today?

I understand being passionate about a subject.  I am passionate about my Faith and probably drive a lot of people nutty coo-koo when I post quotes from the saints or excerpts from the homilies of learned priests.  I support Law Enforcement (when they are right) and I will not allow ridiculous assertions about the Catholic Church to go unchallenged.  If you are going to wave your hands around about the protestant 'reformation' you better have your facts straight.

And let's face it - nothing says "fun on Facebook" like the ComicCon trailer for the next seasons of The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead. 

I know what is important in life and have no problem promoting it.

I guess what I will never understand is the underlying hysteria that seems to permeate all the political discussions today.  Everyone speaks in hyperbole and seems convinced that if Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton is elected then it will be the end of civilization as we know it.  Schools will close.  Churches will explode.  The rivers will run red and the stars will fall from the sky.


I believe, and I mean it, that whoever is elected President of the United States in November will attain that office by the Will of God.  I believe that, whether it is Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump, nothing happens in God's universe by mistake.  I believe that if we are attacked in our Churches, forbidden to own guns, go to war against Islamo-facists, or build a wall along our southern border God will allow us to skip down our merry path with the kind of Love that only a Supreme Being can dispense - the Love that, from all evil, can pull great Good.

In other words, I just cannot get worked up like the rest of you.  I wish I could....but....well...

My dog wants to go for a walk.

And Dr Phil is on.

And Football starts in two weeks......

Pray for us, Holy Mother of God..that we may be worthy of the Promises of Christ.

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