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Monday, June 13, 2016

My Heart Will Heal

Once again I find myself heart broken over events of such shock and brutality it is difficult for this pampered suburban American girl to wrap her head around them.  It is horrible, the mass murder of 50 plus young people in Orlando, Florida by someone who has so misconstrued the Face of The Father as to believe that this type of action is something that pleases Him.  I don't know what to write.  Anything I say sounds trite and ridiculous.  The debates that start to rage around gun control, Islamic Fascism, Homosexual Life as a result of this horrific occurrence give me a headache and bring more tears to my eyes.

Why, O Lord, Why have You forsaken us?

I know we are a sinful people.  I know we have walked too far from you, deepening rather than healing the rift that keeps us from communion with the Lord.  I know we shame ourselves by our behavior and our refusal to acknowledge that it is You who is the Author of all Life, that holds the Universe in steady Hands.

I also know that this act of murder is not something You willed; rather, it is an evil You allowed to happen and from it You will pull great good...but right now I cannot see it, I cannot fathom it and all I can do is Trust that somewhere in this pile of blood and guts there is a good...a good You can draw out...

Please pray for the families.  I cannot imagine their pain. 

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