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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Aw, Thanks for thinking of us, Seahawks Fan!

Dear One of the 12,

You have no idea how touched we were by your letter!  All this time we thought you hated us, and to find out that, like a pesky but adorable little brother, you really care?  Well, we have to say - you made our day.

Listen, I understand your concern.  Benching CK7 for Blaine was sure not our idea.  Oh sure, we were getting frustrated with him but believe me our frustration had been building for a long, long time.  In fact, between you, me and the goal post, the frustration has been building ever since the sorry excuse for a front office sacked Steve Mariucci.

Let me explain.

QB controversy is nothing new for The Faithful.  Those of us who have been around longer than Candlestick remember what it was like when John Brodie came on board, the tension between Steve and Joe, and the catcalls against Alex Smith when Dave Carr (now with that OTHER organization from the Bay Area, and doing really well, I might add) was the back up QB.  The Faithful have lived through QB problems, we have watched the give and take like our favorite soap opera, but always knew that, in the end, the owners cared about The Team as much as we do. 

Until 'That Day'.

Every Faithful knows about That Day - it is the Day that lives in infamy in our hearts.  It is the day when the greatest owner on the planet asked his sister to watch his franchise for him while he cleared up that pesky gambling issue in another state.  From That Day until now, The Faithful have watched the once proud and mighty franchise that defines their lives for months at a time spiral out of control.

We had hope for awhile.  The man from Michigan seemed to be exactly what we needed to get ourselves back on track.  To see him drummed out of the area without a thought for the future caused us all to die a little inside.

But still we rise.  Every Sunday, we rise.

We don't know what is going to happen.  We don't know if the FO and 'Those People' are going to follow their usual pattern and make it their duty to demoralize and destroy the confidence of a potential elite athlete in favor of the Almighty Dollar or if the 'Coach' we have will show some backbone and get the Offensive Line right and let that kid play.  We have no idea if we will win another game this year or not.

And while we appreciate you wanting a real rivalry, let me remind you that for us - The Faithful - our real rivalry will always be the Dallas Cowboys.  I mean, you guys are fun and all - especially with your Bay Area Boyz talking (or not talking ) up a storm before, during and after a game - but nothing will ever equal the real feeling of accomplishment every true Faithful feels even now when we beat the Cowboys.

So thank you for caring, one of the 12.  Your attempt to reach out and make us feel better means a lot to us.  I know its been a pretty shocking year for you too - and I am sure that Superbowl thing still makes you cringe.  I know our Superbowl thing is still rough on us, so I feel your pain.  Granted, we have only lost one....but I still feel your pain.

So see you in two weeks, Little Brother.  Tell Ricardo Lockette he is in our prayers. Let's have a good game, okay?

Oh and you are welcome....for what?

For Pete Carroll.

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Rebecca Morgan said...

I'm a wife of a Dolphins fan. A mother of 3 kids one girl and two boys. Sadly none of us like the same team. I was born and raised a 49ers fan from Ohio. My dad, sister, aunt, uncle, and a few cousins are all born and raised Ohio 49er Faithfuls. We will rise again it might be next year it might be 20 years but no matter how long we remain Faithful in Ohio.