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Monday, July 14, 2014

A Beautiful Weekend

This past weekend was spent with the family members I will be traveling with this December. Our plan is to attend a commemorative celebration in honor of relatives killed by the Nazis in 1944. It is a difficult journey - the town, Ravarano, is small and in the mountain region of Castellano, Italy. It is going to take some maneuvering but we have been planning this for two years and we are determined.

I am going to try and track down the mayor of the town today. If I cannot get a name, I am going to contact one of the television stations. This might be fun for them, a kind of human interest story they like to do, and maybe we can get some better information before we start buying tickets.

We had such a lovely day.

I also had a great talk with my brother on Sunday. He has grown tremendously over the past five years and is a great example of what happens when one stops blaming others and pointing fingers and starts to take a firm look at how they have contributed to chaos and destruction. He gave me some great advice. I am going to take it. I am always looking for ways to improve and as long as the ways given to me do not require me to go against my moral and religious code, I am open to trying in order to achieve peace.

I miss my dog.

Other than that, everything is pretty great right now. I just am overwhelmed with the love and support I have received. I am encouraged by the people who tell me to keep going and keep trying. I am encouraged by those who, with love, have pointed out my errors.

All in all, I am one grateful sober Catholic woman today.

Thank you all for allowing me to be in your lives.

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R.L. G said...

Been away for a while, and I am sorry to hear about Duffy.