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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I am SO ready for my 'Stay-Cation'

This has been a harrowing two and half months. Work has been incredibly stressful, health has been a little shaky and all in all I am ready for a Spa WEEK.

That is not going to happen on my budget, however, so instead of a spa week I am looking forward to 72 hours of 'Stay-Cation'.

Starting Friday, I am off work until January 6, 2013.

I will not be there to referee, to plan, to manage or to otherwise deal with the incredible tsunami of work created by the ACA.

I will not be attending any meetings that take three hours and consist of, "We don't know what that will look like after January 1 so we cannot decide on any business processes".

I will not be sitting in front of my computer trying to transfer cases from one holding bucket to another, using a system that requires thirty minutes to complete five transactions.

Instead, I will be home - to read, to go to movies, to give presents, to attend Holy Mass and to spend time at the gym and with family.

My dog and I will become cats will regard me without that look of, "You...what is your name again?" that comes over their faces whenever I come home....or maybe not.

After all, they are cats.

Have a fabulous Christmas, everyone!

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