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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good News and More

I was given such a fabulous weekend!

Friends of mine from an online prayer and support group known as the St James Family showed up at my door on Sunday. Now, I was expecting NW Sissy and her husband but she had cooked up her own surprise. Suddenly, at the front door, was my pal DJ - Dean, to other people but he will always be DJ to me.

What an amazing surprise and what fun we had! Lee Anne and Mel had been driving for days and poor Mel was sore from all that sitting and bouncing around in the Uhaul. After he freshened up (all to mark time so I could be surprised by DJ's arrival, I might add) we headed out to a local restaurant for a good meal and amazing talk.

All of us are committed Catholics Out Loud. We giggled, we talked, we spoke of our triumphs and our discouragement. I was the ONLY one to pull out my phone for texting (I got a text from Cousin Pete and had to take it). Otherwise, we took pictures and then put those damning little devices IN OUR POCKETS OR OUR PURSES where they belong.

I realized it had been a long time since I had been out to dinner with people who did not spend the entire time hunched over brightly lit lcd screens. I am one of the worst offenders and after that wonderful Sunday I am vowing to put the phone AWAY when I am with friends...and family....and Catholics Out Loud.

The other good news came in the form of a phone call last night. The young woman who had given me the news of her mother's illness sounds like a new person. I mean a BRAND new person. Seven days of continuous sobriety as well as being right smack in the middle of the life boat of my 12 Step Program will do that for a person. I am so proud of her. We may lose her mom but she is on her way to a life of grace and dignity.

Meanwhile, the young soldier from my parish who had to have a brain tumor removed is doing well. Please keep Stephen Harker in your prayers. He is a good man with a strong faith and spirit facing a tough row to hoe - let's storm heaven for him, ok?

I am blessed.

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R.L. G said...

It is awesome to here the happiness and joy come through your post!