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Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day

I am always impressed by the importance given to Memorial Day at the cemetery where my father is buried.  The decorations are impressive, the ceremony is always beautiful and I am grateful for the time the volunteers take to make sure the graves of our veterans are properly honored.

The three days off in a row are coming just in time for me.  I get to be of service AND I get to rest.  I get to be of service to my mother and I get to be of service to my Catholic family and our soldiers.  Our Military Support Ministry will be on the plaza this weekend, raising funds for our mailing to the troops in the field and serving throughout the world far from home.  I get to Lector on Sunday night.  I get to watch all my tv shows I DVR and I get to sleep in on Monday morning.  I am not going to do a dang thing other than go to the gym on Monday.  I need the down time.

I made a move towards finding a local spiritual director and now, of course, the fun begins trying to find the time to meet with him.  He is a good priest.  Humble and devout.  I think it will benefit me to have him give me some guidance.

The biggest problem I deal with personally is the feelings of discouragement.  The world and the messes I see around me are just overwhelming sometimes and I have been told in the past that I am an 'empath' (whatever that means) and so I will over react to the pain and the fusses and the problems that happen in my tiny world.  Perhaps.  I might also be that I am simply a big whiny baby and need to knock it off.

Maybe it is just my nature to be a whiner?  Maybe I just look at the darkside of life.  If biology is destiny, could there be a genetic reason people just get overwhelmed by the sadness they feel around them?

My cousin Gina did some DNA testing and discovered that she is 15% Turkish.  She is my Mom's first cousin.  I immediately ordered the kit and I cannot WAIT to take the test.  I think this is just fascinating.  It would fit in well with history as Turkey did invade Italy and the Muslims killed many of us Catholics as they attempted to convert us.  Pope Francis recently announced the cannonization of an entire town in Italy that refused to give up their Catholic Faith and so were beheaded, one by one...814 people, I think.  I stand on the shoulders of GIANTS.

Right now, while I do not FEEL the presence of God I know He is with me.  That, I guess, is faith.  I can't tell you why I know, I just do:  I know that everything is going to be fine, I will be fine, the kids will be fine, the brother will be fine...everything is in God's Hands.

Have a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend!  I remain, forever, a Proud Army Auntie!

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