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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Running....With Scissors....and Pie

I posted the link to my story at SNM website and, just as my experience has taught me, the first people to respond with love and support were the people from the 12 Step program I am a part of, followed closely by other Catholics.  I am glad I posted the link.  I am glad I am officially silent no more about the devastation I brought into my life through my own selfishness and self-centeredness.  I am now firmly of the opinion that any 'right' that is established firmly on the foundation of another human being's death is not a 'right' at all - it is merely a license to do evil in the name of independence.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the government fiasco that is Affordable Health Care is giving me nightmares. 

I am hardly a government big shot.  I am a Clerical Supervisor of 18 people who have been charged with taking Medi Cal applications over the telephone.  For the most part we are hard working and dedicated professionals trying to do a difficult job with few resources and without a lot of pay.  The waste we see is not generated by us but by the poor management and lousy planning of people who get paid a yearly salary that would change my life from one of worry and struggle to one where I could breath a bit easier between paychecks.  The fact that most of us in this unit have managed to save money to buy homes and have educated our children on the money we make is a testimony to the hard work of the average American in the trenches of life.

I am also someone who believes we should be able, as a strong nation, provide the opportunity for every person here to receive adequate and affordable health care. 

What I am convinced of, however, is the path we are on with the present Affordable Health Care law is going to lead to the type of fiscal mismanagement, graft, corruption and flat out goofiness not seen since the Teapot Dome Scandal (look it up).  I look at what they want me and my team to do, how fast they want it done and what resources they (they being the State and Federal Government) are providing us to accomplish their demands and I just want to start laughing - and not stop. 

Meanwhile, we have a Veterans Department that cannot provide services to the men and women of this nation who have given their all to fight the kind of nut cases who put nails into pressure cookers and leave them at the feet of an 8 year old.  We have a program at the federal level to give free cell phones to homeless and we cannot account for 40% of the phones given away or tell you if the people who have the phones qualify for the program or not.  The FAA is claiming the Sequestor Cuts are the reason for furloughs of flight control personnel but they will not divert funds from a program to build new sidewalks in an area of the country that has NO ONE LIVING IN IT.

I know that government waste is almost a given.  I understand the Cicero wrote about the incompetence of the bureaucracy.  I get that what I am railing about is nothing new.  However, you tell me that what we have to do is make sure gay people can get permission from the government to live together and will each other their property and call the piece of paper giving them that permission a 'marriage license' in order to straighten out this country?    Forgive me if I laugh at the idea of letting the government give me permission to do ANYTHING.  Why not just call it what it is - another way for the government to tax us, register us, follow our movements and regulate our lives.

Phew.....well, lunch is over.  Time to get back to work.

pray for me!

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