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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Keeping me humble/Random Ramblings

I get quoted in the Modesto Bee and, of course, the quote is incorrect. 

I did not say the new Pope is a Franciscan and I have the email to Sue to prove it.

HOWEVER, being misquoted is a good way for me to remain humble.  After all, if my students in RCIA think I made a mistake it will mean I am not perfect - and that is a good thing for newcomers to learn.  Perfection is GOD and it is His gift to bestow.  He bestowed the gift on His mother but that is it so far.

The dinner with family went well, to my ultimate surprise.  The niece was friendly and loving, something that has not happened for many many months.  I was very grateful to not have to sit through another awkward dinner being ignored and punished for something I did three months ago and have apologized for overandoverandoverandover again.  Nor will I allow myself to be punished for being a Catholic Out Loud.  I gave up the wish for love and acceptable which is why it was great to receive the love that night - it was totally unexpected.  Jesus is Great and Good.  Thank you, Lord.

I am hoping to get back into the gym tonight after a string of weird and icky injuries that have sidelined me from my normal work out routine.  Keep me in prayer that I don't bang myself up again.

Well, life if good.  We have a new Vicar of Christ, the job is stable and I have few aches and pains today.

Most important?  I am SOBER!


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