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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blessed Margaret - Pray for Me

Today is the day I enter into the Dominican Order.  I am not worthy and I am scared but I know it is where I belong.  The love of Truth, the demands of study and the dedication to dialogue with those who feel disenfranchised and hate The Church is what drew me to these holy people.

My chosen saint is Blessed Margaret of Castello.  To learn more about her go:

I wish I could tell you that now I know all will be well and I will be fine and everyone I love will return to the Eucharist.

I can't.

What I can tell you is my model will be to love them, to keep them before The Lord and to dedicate them to His Sacred Heart.

With Blessed Margaret's help, I know they will come Home.


Robert said...


You are in my prayers as you embark on this journey. Blessed Margaret of Castello! What little I know of her says she has an affinity for those who are disheartened and doubt themselves. I could easily check those boxes my self, sometimes on a good day!

I was recently speaking to a friend about the Lay Orders, and at that time could not wrap my head around the concept. Having a bit of time to think about it, reflect, and read your experience you have graciously shared, I think I am beginning to understand. I had an experience during Lent that I would not have ever thought possible before. You could say my world got a little bigger; I'm still not sure what it "means," but I suspect that is due mostly to the over active and slightly off-bubble thinker I possess between my ears..

Let us know how your journey goes, especially the one from your head to your heart (being selfish and on a similar journey myself, that would be my choice.) Back to Strunk and White, but it looks hopeless...


Leslie Klinger said...

You bet I will Robert. This took a lot of discernment in my part, I think the Dominican charism of preaching TRUTH is what ultimately makes OP right for ME!

Kathi McClenney said...

Congratulations again,Leslie :) It is so nice to see you achieving something you've worked so long for:)