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Friday, December 2, 2011

December BEGINS

I have started my new job (began on November 28) and I cannot express how fabulous it is to be able to sleep at night and be awake when there is sunshine.  I can drive in the fog and wind without any problem in order to have the privilege of a normal body clock.  As grateful as I am for the ability to work graveyard during the past four years, I am even more grateful for the opportunity I have today.  Thank you, Jesus.

I have my own office.  I am still waiting to get access to the computer systems I will need in order to actually BE the supervisor but I have plenty to do while I wait.  Much of what I learned at the Sheriff Office will help as I go over personnel files, review goals and expectations and prepare for my first unit meeting with my staff on Tuesday morning.

As always I have lots to learn.  That is fine.  The difference with me between then and now is that I understand that there is nothing wrong with saying, "I don't know, let me find out" and I am confident that no one here will emotionally beat the crap out of me for doing just that - asking questions.

The biggest news is that the family member who has caused so much pain and anguish for the past several months is reaching out (tentatively) and trying to mend fences.  We are all, as you can imagine, a little wary but willing to open the door to being a family again.  Please keep us in prayer.

I have lost over 25 pounds since the surgery and now have to work in my exercise routine.  I am putting aside two nights during the week for work outs but I am hoping that after the first of the year I can join the gym in my area and make that more like three. 

Tonight is my cousins' Christmas Party.  YIPPPPEEEE!!!!

Have a fabulous day, people.  You are loved!

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