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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Cards Win The Series

Congratulations to the St Louis Cardinals!

The pennant stays in the National Giants last year, this year the Cards....who will get to beat the Rangers next year?

Oh that was not very nice....sorry, Rangers.

SO...this past week has been a little tough on everyone emotionally, physically and spiritually.  The bravery of my sister-in-law has been something to watch; she seems frail and she seems easily pushed around but when it comes down to the safety of her children she has a backbone of steel.  Despite the accusation that I had something to do with her decision to ask the court to change the current custody agreement she has with her ex-husband, my opinion was never requested; rather, she told me what the kids wanted, what their fears and resentments were all about and then she told me what she planned to do.  All she asked from me was support and prayers.

She got them both.

I hate the idea of torn up families.  I really hate the behavior of bullies.  Being the child of a large man who periodically would stand above his children and just SCREAM at them until we were a broken mass, cowering and sobbing on the floor, has left its mark on me and I absolutely do not want that for any of the children in my family.   The difference between what I went through and today, however, is that today there are more resources available for the parent trying to protect the children involved.  My mother had only herself and sister-in-law has the legal system and two women who regularly hit their knees and beg for the strength to do the right thing, no matter how much it hurts.

Tomorrow I get to go to Confession and to Mass and to a Halloween party.  I am getting smaller every day and am already wearing a pair of jeans I bought at the Gap about 12 years ago and have saved all these years hoping I could fit into them one day (yes, I used to shop like that).  This morning I put them on...and they are getting loose.

Please keep my family in prayer

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