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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life Goes On - Right?

Nothing can come between us and the love of Christ, even if we are troubled or worried, or being persecuted, or lacking food or clothes, or being threatened or even attacked. These are the trials through which we triumph, by the power of him who loved us.

The short reading in today's Morning Prayer is from Romans and is, in my opinion, a cry against the darkness that can be rejection.  It is St Paul's way of reminding us that walking the road of Christ and His Church is not an easy choice.  However, as St Paul states, we have to remember that no matter how we may feel, our reality is thus:  we are never seperated from Christ unless we chose to become seperated.  We CAN make a choice - by committing sin - that keeps us out of heaven despite our love for the Lord (for not everyone who cries, 'Lord, Lord' - remember?).
However, if we make the decision to view our life's trials as a chance to triumph we might be able to keep on walking towards heaven one day at a time.
I put out my hands to the Lord, to be lead and to wander the path He has chosen for me.  It does not matter if my family comes along or not...
but it would be so much nicer if they did, right?

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