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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Freedom or Subtle Attack on Religion

The City of San Francisco has fallen far in the past several decades, being reduced to a mere mockery of itself.  What was once a place that was both free-wheeling and devout, where Believer and Wild Child were equally valued by its unique culture, San Francisco has become a place where you are vilified if you do not fall into place with those who view themselves as 'progressive thinkers'.  There is no tolerance in the city named for the Saint who believed that it is by forgiving that one finds forgiveness and that it is better to love than be loved.....

this article, however, just blew me away.

What caught my eye was the comic book character created by the supporters of this idea that portrays a Mohle as someone out to harm children.

I am used to having to regularly explain to anti-Catholics why I am not a homo-phobic hater of those who live lifestyles I find morally wrong.  What I am surprised at by this push to outlaw circumcision is that all those who believe that truth is relative and what is good for you is just that and should never be pushed onto me are not standing up and shouting, "ARE YOU CRAZY?'.

When are those who pretend to promote freedom of expression and worship going to stand up against this type of behavior?

My opinion?  They do not because they recognize this kind of push for what it really is - an attack on organized religion and they are fine with attacking that which is foreign to THEIR lifestyle and expect to do so with impunity.

I doubt this law will pass in November; however it is another example of how beautiful Baghdad-By-The-Bay is becoming a secular version of Pakistan - only the war is being waged by those who hate religion in general, and God in particular.

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