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Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Day, Another Prayer

Mom and I were talking tonight about my ideas on 'personal truth' being a code for 'my opinion is sacrosanct and worthy of worship' and she made an interesting assertion.  She believes we, as a society, have so butchered the English Language that nothing means much of anything any more. And she used as her example the word "Love".

Everyone, Mom says, seems to use the word Love indiscriminately:  not just "I love the Niners" as well as "I love Jesus".  Rather, she says, people 'love' someone they have been friends with for 15 minutes - they hug each other at my 12 step meetings without regard for what used to be the social norms; do not discuss religion or politics at the dinner table and do not become overly familiar with someone you have known for all of 15 seconds.

She has a point - she usually does - though sometimes I cringe when she decides for no particular reason to take action on her points.  For instance, she decided she was not going to shake hands hello with anyone as we walked into Mass.  "Germs", she said.  Crap, I thought...she is being contrary, which she is allowed to be at 89 going on 90 and after a life time of being the only sane one in the family.

Now, in my catechetical studies, we are given the rundown on the different types of Love spoken about by LOVE itself - God.  There is the kind of social love - the "I love the Niners' kind of love - and there is the Agape Love - the "I will lay my life down for you" love that Jesus has for all of us.  This is the type of love I have to strive for, the kind of love I need to have for my fellow creatures because my role on earth is to try my best to become 'perfect as (our) Heavenly Father is perfect'. 

I am thinking, of course, that this has to hook into proper detachment from earthly things and total devotion to God - because it is my attachment that causes my sin and determines just how long someone is going to have to pray for my soul so I can get the heck out of Purgatory.  And considering how many people in my family pray, I am going to be there a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG time.

I chuckle softly to myself whenever Mom goes off on one of her rants - because she often makes the statement that what I think about and say is way over her head (which I believe about as much as I believe Harold Camping knows when Jesus is coming and James White understands The Bible).  The reality is, she thinks pretty deeply herself - she just chooses shorter ways to express her opinions.


I go on and on and on...because I like to lay a foundation for my thoughts so that people I respect can look at my fundamentals and say 'Yay' or 'Nay'. or YNAY if some of what I am thinking is OK.

well...back to work.  Ryan comes home June 23 (I hope I hope).  Pray for our brethren in Joplin, Missouri.  The damage is pretty horrible.  May Christ heal them, May His Mother comfort them and May His holy angels defend them.


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