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Sunday, April 3, 2011

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Ok, stop laughing at me.
I cannot figure out how to make this into one little sentence.

Right now, in Afghanistan, we are in the third day of protests over that yahoo in Florida who decided to burn the Quran.

How many months ago was that?

Well, I understand ( my Sissy Lee Anne told me) that Afghanistan is pretty much a third world country and so maybe it took awhile (obviously) for the news to reach these people. Apparently, the entire story didn't reach them since I understood that the guy did NOT burn the Quran because people convinced him it would put innocent people in predominately Muslim countries in danger. Which it has - because three innocent UN workers were murdered by a rampaging mob in Kabul.

And outside Kandahar City about 80 to 100 people have ended up in the hospital. That is, of course, where my soldier is and he is due to get out of there soon, very soon. He is due home on leave in June.

And I am scared, as only an Army Auntie can be scared, that he is going to end up being murdered by the Taliban over something that one leader of a congregation of about 50 people, in Florida, threatened to do several months ago.

We got to speak to him last night; the phone rang at 7:30pm and it was our Ryan. Both Grandma and I felt so much better after getting to talk with him on the telephone. He sounded exhausted, but that is because he woke up about an hour and a half early so he could use the phone and talk with us. I bugged him about it - CALL US - because he was calling EVERYONE and had only called us ONCE...and he did it. And I appreciate it. And I was so happy, until I saw the news.

In today's Gospel, Jesus tell the Pharisees that He has come to heal those who know they need to be healed, and that those who think they are just fine and dandy are going to remain blind. I get that - I get it that some people will resist Truth with every fiber of their being. Ok, they can do that if they want. Here is MY problem...if they are going to resist Truth why do they have to blow up, shoot or cut the throats of others to make sure we know they do not believe as we do?

No one wanted to address the obvious problem with this one man in Florida threatening to burn the Quran - the obvious worry was that the very thing that is happening right now would happen; murderous violence would break out. Innocent people would be murdered. This constant threat that we - The West - will be misinterpreted and so subject to attack is something no one wants to talk about for fear that moderate Muslims will be subject to discrimination.

And it does not help when drunken men beat up a Sikh cabdriver (which just happened in Sacramento) because they think he is a Muslim.

The difference?

It was not a MOB of Christians, rampaging through the streets, killing anyone who is not a Christian.

Listen, we have that stain on our history. Christians have participated in Progroms, in riots, in murders...and those actions are completely and totally contrary to the teachings of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When a Christian does something like that, either as an individual or as part of a mob, they are NOT living the life Christ would have them live. They are NOT living up to their name "Christian". They are doing evil.

Please, pray with me for our soldiers. Please, pray that Hunter gets out of there so he can get married with his buddies in attendance. Please, pray that Joe gets out so he can go to the concert in Germany. Please, pray that Ryan gets home so I can just give him a long and huge hug.

St. Michael, the Archangel, defend him in battle.
Be his safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.
And do thou, O prince of the Heavenly Host,
By the Power of God
cast into hell Satan,
and ALL the evil spirits who prowl about the world,
seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.


Kathi said...

Excellent post, Leslie. glad you heard from Ryan! continuing to hold all those in your family who are serving in my prayers!

Leslie K. said...

thanks, Kathi! I found out later that the same yahoo who threatened to burn the quran last September 11 DID burn one on March 20th. I am not sure what point he thought he needed to make as we, the reasonable, KNOW what that type of action causes. He put my soldier, and others at risk, and (in my opinion) has the blood of three UN workers on his hands. May God rest their souls.

Sean said...

Good title to your blog post Leslie.

And it is nice to refer to you as a name instead of LSK. But I understand why you did it....cuz I did too. That other place is as loony toon as they come. It is ironic that someone figured out my last name on my very last week on the Hive. I don't know if you saw it, but someone figured out that I am Sean Clark.

Anyway, thanks for always being kind and everything. I'll probably check in on this blog now and again to see what you have to say. This will be a better format. Those other loony toons were just what my demented ego needed to stay afloat. Steering clear of that place always had the grand effect of letting my ego diminish. Because when it gets down to "nut-cuttin' time"....I have a huge ego that needs diminishing just like those other guys. So I've pretty much retired from the internet except for anti-prohibition letters to elected officials etc. and an occassional comment on Facebook. I'm still to strange for public consumption, and need more rough edges honed.

So peace to you and yours Leslie. Take care.


P.S. - If you are on Facebook, then my wall can be found at:!/profile.php?id=1364900299

Leslie K. said...

thank you, Sean. I will try to find you on FB. I found Matt, or rather he found me, and I feel you both have become real friends.