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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Update and God Protects Fools, Drunks and Children

Update: The Hive

A friend of mine monitored The Hive for the past two weeks. Every time there was a horrible post about me, the friend would contact the editorial staff and the post would be removed. It helps, of course, that the friend is also my legal counsel. Gradually, the posts faded. It is no fun when the tantrum you throw is behind closed doors and no one gets to witness it. Now the two perpetrators are going after another woman on The Hive. What can you do? They are bullies. The Bee Editorial Staff knows where I stand on this issue.

Update: Nephew in The Army

Ryan was going to be deploying to Afghanistan last weekend. Then, suddenly, it has been put on hold until mid-July. I suspect it is because the Senate needs to confirm Petraes as the new Commander. I have no inside information regarding this; it's just a feeling.

Update: iPhone Mania

I updated the software on my Iphone 3GS. I do not need a 4G and so am not one of the people standing in line for 12 and 15 hours to get a new phone. However, here is what is interesting: I cannot seem to get EWTN RADIO to work on the 3GS; instead, I am able to EWTN TELEVISION on the 3GS, which I could not get before the software upgrade. SO, I got to watch/listen to a class on Opus Dei, pray the Chaplet of St Michael with Sister Angelica and am, even as we type, listening to the Holy Rosary from the Holy Land lead by Father Mitch Pacwa.


Things are weird at the office. The stress is rising, we have only four people working in warrants and the time we are putting into this place is going up, up, up......and that is not good. People are going to burn out.

So, this weekend is July 4 and I plan on taking the time to sleep...except I am speaking in Manteca on Friday night and watching the Opening Flag ceremony from San Antonio the next I will sleep, but not enough.

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