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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sniffy Noses and Flat Tires

What a lousy night. I had the strongest allergy attack I have had in years with sneezing and drippy nose. I had to leave RCIA early because all I could do was sneeze! Not conducive to helping Father Jon teach about Reconcilliation. THEN, I got home, went inside to get ready for work, came out to the car and there is was - a flat tire.

So, this morning I was up early and down at the local tire store. They patched me up and now I am good to go for tonight. My boss probably thinks I am a big scofflaw and quite frankly, I am so tired, I don't really care.

OK, not true - I do care. I want the good reputation all people want and I think it is my personality that tends towards feeling guilty. I do not feel guilty this morning. I simply feel exhausted.

I had a newcomer on the phone for a long time last night and she was just talking and talking and talking and talking...oh my head hurt.

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