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Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy Advent and GIVE ME A GADGET

I have had an interesting week. As a favor to E, I have been writing all the evaluations. She seemed overwhelmed and frazzled and I figured it would be my Christmas gift to the prickly one. She is thankful (I guess) and has decided to read the evaluations I had to do for MY people and tell me how to 'fix' wanna know why?

I am 'too nice'.


However, this is the dilemma people like me often find themselves in simply because we are faithful Catholics. Some people see us as 'too nice' because we try and allow people their inherent dignity. Some people think we are flaming liberal commie pinko creeps because we believe people have a right to health care and jobs and should be able to immigrate to get those jobs. Then, of course, we are right wing fascists pig people because we (rightly) point out that abortion is NOT health care and the right to kill someone we 'love' or ourselves is not health care and you cannot enter into the Sacrament of Marriage with someone the same gender as you.

We are either horrible or wonderful depending upon the day of the week.

What we really are, of course, is Catholic.

You cannot fit 'Catholic' into a political ideology. It is not a system of moral ideas strung together with spit and bailing wire (what is bailing wire? Is it the wire used to wrap hay into neat bundles? Should I have written baling wire? Will someone tell me why I think this is important?). Catholicism is the teachings of The Word - not the Book, The Word. We are children of The Word...not the Book, The Word.

Father Corapi says that it doesn't matter if I believe in Truth or not because Truth does not require my belief to make it so - but try and explain that to someone who is holding tightly to moral relativism as a way to make their own personal sin a matter of civil rights or personal freedom. Then, just for the fun of it, do something this Moral Relativist thinks is wrong and listen to them howl in pain and demand justice! But whatever you do, as they howl and bounce up and down, banging their wooden spoon of an ego against their high chair, do NOT point out to them that they have just set a standard and declared it 'Right' - do NOT suggest to them that they are being a hypocrite to demand that someone's blog be taken down, their access to a site denied or that they be run outta town on a rail. These Moral Relativists will spit in your face and tell you your thinking in 'philosophical theory'.

What a that great 20th Century philosopher, Bugs Bunny, once proclaimed.

SO I have three more of HER evaluations to do - mine are done - and then I have to do an evaluation on myself (I HATE this time of year in terms of work) and then, and then.....

I am going home, taking a jacuzzi bath and a long nap. Tonight I am going to snuggle down, play some farmville on facebook and read my book on St Martin de Porres.

And tomorrow?

I'm getting me an iPhone......YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY...I love shiny gadgets.


chimakuni said...

and you are gonna call me on your NEW I Phone!!

I did not realize I had not linked you back up since when you closed down your other - will get you linked up, bailing wire and all, Missy!

Christine Trollinger said...

Good for you. Enjoy that i phone and have a great weekend.