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Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a wonderful vacation - GET BACK TO WORK

You know, I am not alone in my feelings about returning from a vacation. My comments are not really new. However, it begs to be said so I will say it:


Let me qualify this with a heartfelt declaration of gratitude that I have a job and all that goes with it - benefits, pension, the ability to pay my student loans and various and sundry bills.

Still, truth be known (and with me it usually is) I really liked not having to drive 2 hours to my job at a time when the majority of people are saying good night prayers with their children, taking the dog out for one last sniff around the back yard and making sure everything is locked up for the night. And I really liked sleeping at fairly normal times (when it is DARK outside) and going to Mass every day and meetings in different places (away from the normal crazies - it is always fun to shake up your crazy quotient).

And coming back to work always means having to adjust the sleep schedule again and remember all the dang passwords and levels of security and why we release some reports and not others *sigh* so it takes a day or two to ease back into the routine.

I have posted my one blog to The Hive and looked in on the other posts. Not a THING has changed - the same crazy stuff from the same crazy people. Too bad. I had really hoped, at some level, that it was me. It wasn't. I can honestly and without fear declare 'It is THEM!'. So, I will limit my participation to my own posts and to the posts of the few people left on that site who are not obviously drunk when posting. You know who you are....

E is on vacation this week and Jodi-the-Wonder-Clerk is feeling like HELL with a bad cold but showing up every day. Yes, one could say that she is supposed to show up for work when she is scheduled so why would doing so put her in the 'Amazing' category....well, trust me on this one: the fact that she does not have a standing FMLA order for those mornings she gets a hang nail and comes in when she is not feeling so great? Around here, that is amazing.

Ah, know, I understand how incredible my life is today. I am speaking at a conference up in Redding this weekend, flying to Boston for Natalie and Gordon's wedding the following weekend and 17 years ago people did not want me to know their phone numbers. I am very grateful for the way things are in my life.

I just wish I didn't have to WORK....

pray for me - my sloth is showing.

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Christine Trollinger said...

Your sloth and mine could make a nice brew.