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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Bragging rights for a year - we beat the Raiders by ONE point. What a great game. However, if they plan on doing this kind of thing all year I am going to be on medication for my heart.

LOM has his panties in a bunch (again) and is throwing out the bait on The Hive. Poor man. I know I should feel empathy for him because he is a drunk, like me. However, his fascination with his own made-up importance is too funny. He can't POSSIBLY think he has the kind of standing in the community or in the business world that would merit the kind of reaction he has to other peoples' opinions of him, can he?

Well, he can. It is his prerogative. He sounds so disjointed (again) in his posts that I figure he is either not sober again or worse, very ill. My prayers are with him - but I don't have to like, trust or answer his vague threats. I would ask, however, that we all keep him in our prayers. He is a very sad man. The only way to deal with hatred and bigotry is Love.

Being told about Chase and what Candice and Nick are going through with their child puts a lot of things in perspective. The idea that the death of this little boy will be a part of God's greater plan is hard to fathom at times. I know that it is this type of every day thing that puts me to the test - I am either Catholic or I am not, and if I am a Catholic then I believe that nothing happens in God's Universe by mistake. God does not cause evil or pain, but He permits it and if He does then it is because it will lead to a Greater Good.

Hold on, hold on, hold on, I tell myself. Hold on to that belief and go ahead and cry for Chase ad his mommy and daddy. The sorrow is appropriate. I do not have to understand everything in order to believe it.

Tomorrow we welcome six people through the Rite of Acceptance and Welcome. Their journey to Faith and to full communion with The Church enters another stage and I get to be an active part in their formation. I am humbled by the task. Please, Lord, help me to do a good job.

This morning I received the Sacrament of Reconciliation and was told by my confessor that I am a 'mature Christian'.

Cool beans.



Kathi said...

Dear Leslie,
like the swallows returning to Capistrano,lol, I always look forward to you posting about your beloved Niners every football season:)
Tony's beloved Redskins this year? we'll see. He always starts the season with high hopes, at least(smile)

Leslie K. said...

We beat Denver by 1 and Raiders by 1 - if this is how the season is going to be for us I may need Xanax!