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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Free Form

It is a quiet, restful day. It has to be...I go to work tonight and back on the vampire time. I will go to Mass tonight at 5:30pm because I am finding that beginning my week at night, as I do, being able to sit with my fellow Catholics and receive Our Lord in the Eucharist gives me strength and calm. I can do the deal, one more day.

I had a funny comment from LOM on my blog on The Hive - the one generating the most discussion, entitled Redemptive Suffering and Saying Goodbye to Marilyn. He stated in a nasty tone that I am too difficult to understand, even for 'highly educated' people. How funny! In other words, dumb it down Leslie because you are not making sense to me. Well, it will not be the first time he cannot grasp the nuances of a serious discussion but it does give me more insight into his personality. He cannot let something be personal - he cannot say, "I am too challenged by this discussion and cannot participate." Rather, he makes an attack on the writer (me) and makes it MY fault that HE cannot grasp the essence of what we are discussing. Everyone else can...but because he cannot, I must change.

He's claiming 10 months sober. The jury is out on that one but we do not have mandatory testing in AA and I know, personally, one man in the Bay Area who uses heroin daily but has not had a drink of alcohol in 30 years. He gets a sobriety chip every year in front of a huge crowd of people. I used to be outraged by that but today, when someone comes to me and says that his or her only problem is alcohol and they are simply drug dependent and there is nothing wrong with that, I send them to him.

The script is coming back to me with lots of editing and corrections. Susan said she ran out of red ink. I was discouraged for 20 hours. Now I just want to get it and get back to work. That is a good sign. The artist is not dead, she is not dying...she is ready to tackle the problem and eager to make corrections and improvements.

I have not yet won the Lotto.

President Obama gave a very conciliatory speech at Notre Dame today. I do not believe as he does regarding embryonic stem cell research and abortion on demand, but you know what? He is, fundamentally, a good man who has been heavily influenced by Catholic Teaching. There is hope there, I have to believe that, and where there is hope there is God.

I just heard a scientist say that exercise may make you smarter. Darn it.

A group went out to the Airport District yesterday in the horrendous heat and did a day of clean up. I was so proud of them. I could not participate because of my RA - the heat knocks me down - but I knew when they were working and dedicated an hour of prayer for them and their good works. They are wonderful Christians. Again, it is Christians getting off their duffs and doing the work. I am proud to be a part of the Body of Christ, even if all the support I could give them was spiritual. Maybe there will be evening things I can do this summer to help the sadder areas of my town.

I am going to recommend the latest National Geographic. Our Arab Christian communities must be supported and saved. The Israeli government must find a way to open their country to these people. We are a vital link in understanding between Jew and Muslim. We cannot be chased out of the birthplace of Our Lord.

Life is good. God is great. People are crazy....great lyrics, don't you think?

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