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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday's Call to Action

We are never going to convince people about the horror of abortion but we can get them to think...and I am asking people who supported President Obama by voting him into office to LISTEN to what he has said about this issue.

President Obama, and his staff, are quite vocal about wanting abortion to remain legal and 'safe' but to make it the last possible choice a woman would want to make.

This means, to my way of thinking, that all those pro-choice people who have been standing on the sidelines urging women to march themselves into the nearest clinic, kill the baby and then go forth and feel better, need to step up to the plate.

Make yourselves available. Put your arms out and offer to take the babies, shelter the mothers, provide homes for the unwanted. Put yourselves aside, do not worry about expense or room in your homes. Be willing to be parents, foster parents, adopted parents, teachers, caregivers, providers - answer our President's call to action.

Pro Life people have been doing this for is time to join them.



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