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Thursday, December 18, 2008

My heart breaks

PLEASE check out the above link....the young man is battling brain cancer. He needs our help.

I am tired today. I am tired of listening (ok, reading) to the blah-blah-blah produced by people seriously handicapped by a lack of creativity. I am not feeling well, so when I am physically down I find it really tough to handle the people who think the arts cannot heal or that trying to find a common ground in order to come up with a solution to a societal issue that will benefit the majority while protecting the minority is somehow a cop-out. When my head hurts due to a sinus infection and my ears are stuffed up and my tummy is upset, it is difficult for me to think "HEY - I have not had a cigaret since Friday night!" and then think, "Thank you, JESUS".

I'm a little cranky.

Then I go onto Patty's blog and see the post about the young man fighting brain cancer. He is 29 and has a wife and a 2 year old daughter and....what was I whining about again?

So I got a lot done in RO(s) tonight - we are so backed up in that area it is not funny and I think I better get back to it...please, keep us all in prayer and if you can help out our cancer patient, BLESS YOU.

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