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Monday, December 22, 2008

All those in favor.....

I am watching everyone at work get sick and I keep waiting for the axe to fall on me, so to speak. So far, so good...a little achy, a little stuffed up and a little head hurtin' - pretty darn blessed for a overweight former smoker. Did I tell you the good news? When I was weighed for the physical? I was one pound LESS than I was at the doctor's office 2 months ago. I am so happy.

The smoking thing is still a I want to either eat candy or I am doing a lot of walking in place (too cold and rainy to walk outside) and then I am giving myself permission to fail if I want to but so far, I don't want to fail! How's that for weird logic?

I cleaned out some drawers last night of old underwear - lingerie, actually, and it is hard to believe I was ever that small...especially since, at the time I thought I was fat when I could wear THAT stuff. Got to admit it caused a twinge but then again I never felt good in the bombshell outfits anyway so I am going to give the stuff away.

I like quiet sophistication rather than leather and bustiers....still, the figure was nice and I wouldn't mind having THAT to clothe.

I was listening tonight to Matthew Kelly about the 7 levels of intimacy and I am going to have to listen to it again and again....he has some lovely ideas, solidly Christian and very solidly Catholic. There is GENIUS in Catholicism in terms of psychological perspective, that is for sure, but he is not someone you can listen to just one time.

This coming year, Lord, I would like to win the lotto.



Christine Trollinger said...

I would like to win the lotto too!!!

But I always forget to buy the ticket. :-)LOL!

Good job on the no smoking!!!

J D 3 said...

How can you afford to smoke? Think of the cash you would be saving! Merry Christmas! And God Bless

Leslie K. said...