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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Gonna be a CYBER AUNTIE

One of my cyber sisters - JD Sissy from Louisiana - just found out she is going to be a Grandma! So that makes me a cyber aunt, a new phenomenon that I just made up.

In other words, any chance I get to horn in on celebrating the creation of a new life? I am gonna take it. The biggest problem we have is not enough little babies running around the place.

Poor Mom has caught the cold that Ryan and I have been fighting all week. I am amazed it took her this long since she was surrounded by sick people. She has a very strong constitution and that works in her favor but she does not need to be sick for Halloween. She is so beloved in the neighborhood that the kids really look forward to showing her their costumes. Well, we will bundle her up so she won't get cold and I can make them come into the house if I have to...why not? The more goblins and ghosts we have the better (though I must admit I am a little tired of Ninjas...).

I don't expect any more weird phone calls. The word is out. First one that happens, prosecution will take place. I have no problem dealing with drunken crank calls with the full weight of the law and lots of ridicule.

Yes, you read that right - I said ridicule.

We have gotten away with so much over the years because people have no sense of shame any more. They no longer feel any sense of responsibility to society as a whole because everything is about what is good for the fathers walk away from families because after 15 years the don't feel the same thing for their wives as they did when they were 22 and had a full head of hair (and no pot tummy). Women pursue a career and never see the inside of their child's classroom because they don't want to go through 'their' life unfullfilled. There is no sense of 'what I am doing is wrong'.

I watched a woman on Dr Phil this evening. She is having an affair. He said, "You are sleeping with another woman's husband" and her answer was "well, it is really easy to judge me" and his answer? "Yeah, I'll bet it is REALLY easy for the guy's wife to judge what you're doin' because you are sleeping with her husband".

Now, yes...of course he (the adulturous husband) is also culpable but the knee-jerk reaction today of 'now don't judge me' is why people can get drunk and call an old woman in the middle of the night, threatening bodily harm to her child because they don't like the fact that she declares that Salvation comes through Jesus Christ in The Eucharist and she is against abortion - it is infanticide. See, they are justified...because I am being judgemental.


But God has a place for all of us, including us morons (trust me, I am sure I am a big moronic loser in their eyes)so I don't worry. Neither am I willing, however, to put her rest and peace at risk. But those people better watch out because at some point I will be living all alone...and then it is going to be Catholic Out Loud time...big time.

God, Grant me the patience to do the stuff I need to do when I need to do it. Right now? I need to finish my breakfast.



Dean said...

And I'm gonna have another cousin to pick on! Woohooo! :)

By the way, you have got to be one of my favorite Catholic Out Louds there are...

Debra said...

Seems a little out of place for me to be joking around amid all your nicely-written thoughtful pieces but ...

Tag! You're it!

The rules are here -- -- along with six things the world really wasn't dying to know about me.

Can't wait to read your post!

chimakuni said...

Little cajun baby on the way...we are so stoked!!!!