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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nancy and St Augustine

Ok - I finally found the quote I was looking for with Ms Pelosi and I gotta tell ya, my heart goes out to her.

I know I know, that sounds weird...but it does.

See, I know what she is doing.

She is trying to serve two masters and it ain't holding up in the court of common opinion, the halls of the Holy Mother Church and (if you look into her eyes) in the depth of her own soul.

Nancy does not want to be accused of forcing her religious views on anyone and she is trying to find a way to be ok with abortion being legal while saying she rejects it as a Catholic.

Hard to do...especially if you rely upon St Augustine and St Thomas Aquinas for your medical opinions.

We've come a long long way since the 4th Century, when St Augustine wondered if female children received their souls after male children since females are inferior creatures. We have come a long way in science since St Thomas Aquinas wondered if a fetus is a human being before the child's movements can be felt in the womb.

And for Nancy to rely upon THEIR ideas about human fetal development would be tantamount to the Pope declaring that Father Capernicus was wrong and Galileo better take it back, or else.........and doing so in 2008.

The same people who condemn the Church for 'rejecting' science now are angry when She relies upon it to refine a doctrine held from the begining - that Human Life has an inherent dignity that must be respected no matter how insignificant it may seem.

My heart goes out to Nancy.....and she is in my prayers.

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