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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Yes, I am celebrating. I am celebrating that this is Wednesday, the middle of the first week in which I have been a supervisor on my own. E has been on a much-needed vacation and, with the support of my incredible staff (thank you, J), I have actually done a good job.

Not a 'half-bad' job, not an 'ok job' - a GOOD job. I have felt empowered, smart, exhausted and exhilerated. Have I known the answer to everything? Of course not, but I have known the answers to a LOT and I have not taken a definitive action without showing V what I planned to do - and every plan has been ok'd on its face.

That is a good sign.

This weekend I get to go to Sacramento and hang out with my 'peeps' from the St James Group. In particular, I get to hang with Esther and Lee Anne (all hail the deer slayer) on Saturday night and have a "Girl's Night". This means we get to talk and talk and talk and talk...maybe sleep...and then talk some more.

My weight has dropped some more and I am dangerously close to hitting a 50 pound weight loss. It is at 48 pounds...and counting. My clothes are baggy and I can see my feet when I look straight down. This is a good thing.

Tonight my homegroup meets...and I love that group. One of my sponsees had to say good-bye to her stepson yesterday - he joined the Army. This is a kid who was raised by two peace-no-war-the-government-stinks lesbians and his decision to actually enlist shook their world. Personally, I don't think they have much to worry about since they live behind his high school and he used to have to be driven to school every morning (walking? Are you NUTS?). In fact, I fully expect him to either wash out in boot camp or go AWOL after he realizes that this is a real deal and no one is going to drive him to the mess hall for dinner.

Still, my heart goes out to them. This was not what they expected and I fear many parents go through this kind of shock. The kid they raise to be an upstanding Republican middle-manager of a large corporation becomes a taster for Ben and Jerry Ice Cream, while the one who wore tie-dyed diapers becomes Dr Keyes' campaign manager. It goes to show you that our influence, as parents, is important. We are always an example - we just never know if we will be a good one or a bad one.

I remember - back in my bad ol' days - I used to joke about having a kid who would become an FBI agent. Well, I am blessed in that I turned my life around and came Home to Rome in time to watch 'my' oldest hope for a career in Law Enforcement some day. Instead of it being a bad joke, now it is something of which I am very proud.

Now I just have to figure out how I can get him to meet the beautiful daughter of my RCIA Director - I just KNOW she'd be PERFECT for him...honest......

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