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Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Week down...yippee

THE WEEKEND BEGINS - thank you thank you thank you...I made it one more week.

Oh, Lord I am happy it is Friday.

I squeaked through the week. E started reving up towards the end but never got too worked up. I never had to have the talk with V - she had one with me, asking me to just hold on for a bit longer until we can get me trained and I can go back on graveyard shift. Apparently, one of the senior clerks (she won't say which one and I would not expect her to) told her that she was pretty sure they were going to lose me. V did tell me that someone said to her, "Just so you know...when Leslie leaves, I leave to because she has made this place tolerable again and I am not going back to living like I did 2 years ago".

See, I knew I had taken some heat off the clerks by being the 'office punching bag'.

Anyway, E goes on vacation for 10 days starting next Wednesday and we have a 3 day weekend.
Tomorrow morning I take my 13 year old cat, Pepper Gomezkitty, in to the vet for his date with death....and I wonder, when a cat dies and goes to heaven, is it surprised to discover that

a) God is not a cat
b) the cat is not God

Or has Our Loving Lord made it easier on the lesser creatures and just manifests as a giant Siamese, with beautiful blue eyes and a hankering for licking ice cream out of the bowl...or maybe Pepper will just see himself reflected in God's eyes and not be startled. "see", he will say to himself, "I KNEW it. The Egyptians were right!"

I am going to miss that little guy, but he is just getting weaker and weaker. Keeping him alive now is not good - it is selfish.

After taking Pepper to have him 'put to sleep' (now, there's a eumphamism if I ever heard one), I will drive Mom to the cemeteries - get your minds out of the gutters right now - and we will do the Memorial Day "decoration of the graves thing". Then off to Martinez to see my 'other mother' - her best friend Harriette. I will be speaking tomorrow night in Concord for the Concord Fellowship's Birthday Night, which is wonderful because it is my old stompin' grounds. I got sober there.....16 years ago? Holy Cow....

Now, that brings up another interesting point - do you think COWS are surprised to find out....
oh never mind

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