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Monday, April 7, 2008

Well, another day begins

I still have not heard from anyone about the time on the meeting. I am going to go by there by Wednesday if I do not hear anything - and leave one of those messages that are like this:

Since I have not heard from you I am taking it for granted you have no one else scheduled for that room at that time...we are going to use it at that time begining April 30. thank you for your help.

And I began my day with prayers for the people who are working there in the office. They have to put up with people like me. How sad for them. And I have learned a long time ago to never ever ever use myself as an example of how something should be done - it causes resentment, anger and I get accused of thinking I am perfect.

Which is not the reason I use myself as an example: I always figure if a loser like me, someone who completely destroyed their life and now lives with her mother because she cannot afford to live on her own and is fat and is tired all the time and cannot do life without 12 step, 12 traditions, a sponsor and a homegroup can return her calls - anyone can. It cannot be that difficult.

BUT no one ever takes it that way. In fact they usually rush to assure me I am not a loser. The reality is I do not consider that an insult; rather it is a recognition that of myself and by myself I am capable of nothing more than being a commode hugging drunk.

St. Jose Maria, the founder of Opus Dei, used to refer to himself as a mangy donkey. Quite frankly, I do not see much difference in calling yourself a disgustingly groomed animal and a what, I am a loser...and guess what, God loves me anyway.

My sister Esther is a Parish Secretary and she is the best in the West...I wonder if we can get her to move to Modesto?

I am off to my first Physical Therapy Session today....pray for the way, who is the Patron Saint of Schedules? Does anyone know?

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