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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


OH AH CHOO again and again and again....
I got to work esterday and V was exhausted - told me that her brother's death is imminent and that he is not going gently into that good night, to say the least. Instead, he is calling her 15 and 16 times a day and demanding that she quit her job and move in with her....great idea. I told her that she could vent at me any time, but I have to tell you that part of me thinks "pay back is a bitch, eh bitch?". She gave one of her clerks - P - a horrible time the past three years. P was held to a very strict standard of behavior - much stricter than the other clerks - and was smart enough to go to the union for protection. She got her FMLA in place ect...yet during this time, while her mother was dying and suffering from dementia and she lost her father and then her brother and was left to do everything on her own - V and E hounded this woman. They wanted her to quit. They want to get rid of her. And they showed about as much compassion for her as people do for dead pigeons.
My mom agrees with me so I must be right.
Anyway, I am going to keep V's brother, George, in prayer. It is very sad because he is young and dying of brain cancer (in his 40's) and he is frightenned. I would be too, I think.
In fact, I was thinking about how I am such a classic example of having to go through the stages of denial and anger and bargaining and blah blah blah when sudden change hits my life. Then, because of the great sponsor I have as well as the good spiritual director I have, I am guided to understand that if nothing happens in God's Universe by mistake, then what is going on in my life right now is not a mistake...and that means, by trying to manipulate it to the place where I want it, or by crying myself to sleep every night, I am essentially spitting in God's eye. Rather, I should say, "Now, how do I be a Catholic Out Loud when I cannot go to daily Mass, when I can only do my prayers in the car, when I can only participate in RCIA once in awhile.....?".
Look, anyone can throw on a few medals and go to daily Mass. I wish I could do that - I miss receiving The Eucharist 3 times a week and participating in the Mother of Perpetual Help Novena...but I was reminded that there are people practicing The Faith in secret because they are in danger of being murdered if they are found at Mass. I was reminded that people are walking 150 miles at a time to go to Mass once a month because that is the only time the priest can be there - who am I to complain and get depressed because I can only go twice a WEEK???? Because I can only do one hour of Adoration a WEEK? Because I can only receive the Sacrament of Reconilliation once a WEEK?

Good God, Leslie...lighten up.....
My friend Jim Gaffigan does a comedy routine on his in-laws - he is a faithful Catholic - and he refers to them as Shiite Catholics. He says, "the only thing they are missing is the sword, which is good because my head would be on a stick in their front lawn".
I think, we forget, that the Holy Mother Church has requirements for a reason....and that is so we will not hide but so we will go out into the world and be CATHOLIC OUT LOUD.
BTW - a group calling themselves Catholic Democrats (which is code for: we support abortion on demand) are having a Mass celebrated in San Jose this weekend at the Cathedral. I don't know why....I mean, if the Church is wrong on abortion, aren't they afraid they might be wrong on everything ELSE???????? I have to go to confession for being mean spirited...darn.

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